WB and AH comparison table

flight model better no pitch/roll/yaw inertia
head moves in a canopy no yes Rulez!
stupid head shake "feature" no yes oh no!
collision model foolish death oh no! collided part break Rulez!
damage model more simple more detailed
AI gunners yes no
number of human gunners limited by plane type only 1 oh no!
scoring more detailed worse
gun statistics none none
ammo counters %% oh no! number of rounds

LOS strange bugs

There are some strange situations: the tank #1 not see the tank #2 because of the little hill, but the tank #2 see the tank #1 and even can hit it! Usually the tank #2 is closer to the hill than the tank #1.

Another weird thing happens when the tank receives hits from the AA gun through a hangar or another building. Damn, the tank needs to kill the building 1st, and then the tank would return fire!

GV teleportation

When a player assigned another field as the destination for its vehicle, the vehicle will appear in the same point every time. Moreover, the GVs of other players teleport to the same point too! So a defender can aim this point and gather victory by victory simple pressing the fire button repeatedly. Once I killed 12 enemies in my panzer during 2 minutes, and it was a poor score: other guys were credited over 20 kills [they even weren't need to rotate turrets], and I saw Gie scored 39 (thirty nine!). We only need a random teleport position to cure this weird situation.
PS. WTG Gie :-)

Aircraft Errors

  • the MC.202 error: The correct 12.7mm ammoload is 360 or 370 rpg; 400 rpg is wrong. Historically, all MC.202 could carry 320kg of bombs; in AH, it can't carry any load.

  • the Panzer damage: The PzIVH has too simple damage map in the game. Let's compare it with, for example, the torpedo boat: every gun can be damaged separately. I suggest to divide "turret" damage to "75mm gun", "coax MG", "AA MG" and "turret rotation".
    And the panzer (and the flak) are too vulnerable, these good armored vehicles must be more rugged! The track can be damaged by 13mm bullets, and the whole PzIVH can be killed by short 37mm burst!

  • the Shturmovik errors: The Il-2 was very rugged plane historically, but in the game it is an easy prey. It could also carry 6 or even 8 RS-82 rockets plus bombs.

  • the C47 error: This plane carries only 10 troopers in the game. Historically it carried much more, 10 is OK for ground transports.

  • the Yakovlev colors: The Yak-3 has not any number at fuselage or rudder, but such number were usual in Soviet military air services [VVS, PVO, DBA(ADD), fleets].
    And it would be nice to paint a nose of one the Yak's (the Yak-9T is better, an opponent will see the danger while head on attempt :-) for example to red color.

    New perk plane suggestion:

    Yak-9UT (282 produced), armed with 2x20mm B-20S [2x120 rounds] + 1x23mm NS-23 [60 rounds] and as fast as the standard Yak-9U.

    Ship Resurrection
    That's strange - the ships born again immediately after they died. And they ready to defend the port. It would be good to introduce a delay, like buildings have.

    "Assists" must die
    "Assist" is the strange, not historical thing from WB. I suggest a new scoring consisting of the individual kills (assign to the pilot inflicted over 60% damage to a victim) and the shared kills (assign to all the pilots which pinged the victim if nobody inflicted 60% of damage). Perk points will need to be reassigned accordingly.

    Planes Select

    This list shows production number of WW2 planes information. I think all planes which built over 1000 should be in AH. And I think it was bad decision to add such low-production aircrafts as the F4UC (only 200 built) and the MC.205 , and moreover the Ta152 !

    Aircrafts existing in official WB are marked green, ones added in FreeBeerds are marked red.

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