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Альтернативно-исторические комиксы:
Кобра в бою / "Cobra" maneveur ; Су-37 против F-15 / Su-37 vs F15
notes of 2001:

When the Soviet empire fell, NATO lost the purpose of being; and now they are creating the targets by the medias. Yes the Serbs did wrong, BUT THE ALBANIANS DID WORSE. CNN choosed one side and showed a photos of a crying Albanian boy and so on during some months. This worked great, and every normal western man thinks "what are the beasts these serbians!" But nobody showed numbers of the serbian children and amauters killed by CLA (the Alban bandits). There are more examples of media-fakes in my article of 1999.
The same about Sarajevo and Bosnia, you know only 1 side of a coin, and this side is very exaggerated. And I bet you heard about "the heroical struggle of freedom-fighters" in Chechnya (kill children, for example).
Indeedly NATO mostly bombed civilian objects and killed much more innocent people (note: at both sides!) than "these terrible serbs".
And looks at Makedonia now. This country suffers beacause of the Albanian terrorists too, this is one more terrible result of NATO stupid actions. Kosovo is the perfect terrorist base now, and NATO attempt to gather some obsolete weapon (of WW2 era) is so insufficient.

I recommend to look at the American movie Wag the Dog (New Line Platinum Series 1997) - starred with the great actors Dustin Hoffman and Robert De Niro. It avaliable on DVD and VHS. It was made BEFORE the strikes. So?
notes of 2000:

I happy the strikes are over!
But I still think NATO did much more war crimes then the Serbians did.

And now we can see Serbian "genocide" (mostly exaggerated by medias) replaced by real Albanian genocide. So why "good guys" killed hundrids of the Yugoslav civilians, including a lot of children?
Does NATO really think it's possible to disband KLA ? LOL! :-(

One more bad effect of the "accurate" war (BTW, it was not accurate at all, many civilian objects (even hospitals!) were wiped out) : now all little countries want to get its own nuclear weapon. They think "if Serbia had a small nuclear bomb then nobody could hit Serbian objects. We need to get such bomb as soon as possible, before that strange and cruel Uncle Sam and his Euro-peons can find a wild reason to hit us."

The interesting point of view on June events.

You can read my "minds during the strikes" below. It looks like I was right, isn't it?
notes of 1999:

Some things for men who can think.

First at all I want to say "I know, the Serbians aren't angels. They do wrong." OK, that's enough. Mass medias tell us about that every day. Do you know they exaggerate things? Do you know they show only one side of medal? (just ask how many Serbian civilians were killed by the Albanian bandits during few last years).
Of course I know somebody must stop Miloshevich, but you never manage to stop him by bombing ANOTHER men.

- The letter of WW2 US pilot

- Do you know the medias even show fakes? The brightest example is images of "shot downed Yugoslavian MiG-29" marked by latin letters instead of cyrillic! I assume this MiG was a legacy of Eastern Germany or one of MiGs sold to USA by Romania. Also this MiG looks too good to be shot downed. It lays completely, only deformed a bit. But imagine a high-speed plane which got hit at high altitude: its parts must be sown over some square kilometers!
Another example: dead bodies of Serbian civilians killed by Muslims, and medias show that as "Muslim victims of Serbian terror" !

- Why NATO do not "make peace" in other hot points of our planet? For example: some African conflicts?
Why not to bomb Turkey (NATO-member)? Turks do real genocide; poor Kurds - why "good guys" not defend them?
Uncle Sam likes Kurds when they are in Iraq, and dislikes Kurds when they are in Turkey. What a STRANGE position! Also why NATO doesn't support Ulster, Quebec, or Chechnya separatists? (note of 2000 - they already do it. I can't believe to such cynic actions. CNN propaganda is the most powerful weapon in the world.)

- Everybody must understand that the Albanian-Serbian conflict started over 600 years ago (if you can't understand how long is that, just think United States of America was not founded, and most of Indian tribes weren't eliminated by US army yet). In such conflict any side is victim and guilty in the same time.

- The massive Albanian exodus started AFTER the begin of the strikes. Do you understand WHY the Serbians were so angry?

- Yeh, American state secretary Albright is simple heartless woman. She was covered by the Serbians during WW2, and now she sends planes and rockets to bomb Serbian towns.

- President Bill need as many beer-patriotism in his country, as possible to get. His scandals (with Monica and so on) still isn't forgotten.

- One more thing why USA need this war named "Kill the Euro currency". That almost done.

- One thing I can't understand is why European states like to have the war near theirs home. I can only assume European NATO leaders are hawks, they like to play the war game a little. NATO leaders push as to WW3... Do you understand another countries have own hawks too? Russian beer-patriots want to "revenge"...

- American pilots were so stupid to hit Chinese embassy; I happy Chineses were so clever to not press nuclear button. They have REAL reason for war.

- OK, OK, it's looks like Miloshevich is "The Worst Guy in the World", but why to kill 28-year-old woman imagemaker of Belgrade TV-tower (I don't think it was very difficult to warn before attack that "strategic" target) along with many innocent people everywhere in Yugoslavia. Official Yugoslavian source said about many killed civilians, one third of them are children. Go on brave NATO pilots! Kill 'em all! It will be a peace at Balkans ! (a peace of grave...)

- It's clear now: NATO's "super-precision weapon" is a myth. We know about many "misses". It's interesting, how many accidents we don't know about? Also NATO pilots constantly hit wrong targets, it looks like they have poor training.

- Now let's imagine Yugoslavia AFTER the strikes. What do you think the Serbians will do? Most of theirs factories ruined ( "GREAT" JOB ! ) , some theirs relatives are dead. They can't work but they still can fight. Remember Germans and Italians had constant partisan war in occupied Yugoslavia during WW2. And I think such good warriors as the Serbs will fight fierce for theirs homes and for theirs killed sisters.

- and what the Albanians will do? I assume they will continue theirs traditional drug business at the territory of whole Europe (and maybe it will be extended to whole world).

- I think most clever NATO members are the Greeks. They understand : bombs can't help there! Miloshevich is in safe...

- We must think also about the ecological catastrophe - one more thing made by NATO.

- And where is United Nations "license to kill"?
The last words (perhaps ones must be first): NATO violated the international laws!
Is Yugoslavia sovereign country? Yes it is! So who can say them what's right and what's wrong? Remember: DURA LEX, SED LEX. It's one more reason why NATO leaders are criminals too. I wish to see Solana hung along with Miloshevich.

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